Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where can I find a sexy?

or naughty printable card?

My fiance is on the way to pick me up from work (we had car troubles) and I wanted to print out a card before he got here. Something a little racy and suggestive, lol.

Any ideas for a site?

I found plenty of flash ecards and stuff, but thats not what i want...

Where can I find a sexy?
Reply:Take a pix of yourself and print it and make your own greeting for your man!!!!
Reply:ebay... i have found everything over there.... go to everything else and then mature audiences...
Reply:go to
Reply:at any adult novelty shop. will have alot of sexy and naughty cards they are really good to my girl got me a few go there its the best place
Reply:Spencer's has tons of them!
Reply:You could go to and get a good card.

Create a card...

then there is an option saying printable version...

Hope this helps!
Reply:Just checking so i can give my b/f a naughty card.
Reply:Try this one

I missed your smile, I missed your eyes

I missed your face between my thighs

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