Monday, May 11, 2009

Where can i find free printable baby shower cards??

my father's girlfriend is pregnant, and now my mom and i are helping to plan the baby shower. Her theme is Baby Looney toons. To help save on money, i was looking to find printable cards for the invitations. I've had to such luck at all. Can someone tell me where i can find a site that has baby looney toons, and that it is free. It doesn't matter if i customize it on the computer, or if i write it out. I just want to save on money, so i can help the family out.

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Where can i find free printable baby shower cards??
Baby Looney Toons... the problem with finding those for free, or making your own is that they are trademarked and licensed characters. That means if you want to use them you have to pay for the right to use them. Yeah... sad.

If you can find a non licensed them you would like to use those should be easier to find. If you are interested you can let me know what you would like, send me some things you would like to use, and I can make some photo cards for you. They would be kinda like photo wedding announcements. You can take the digital file to walmart and print them with their one hour photo for about 10 cents a piece. Anyhow, if you have something that isn't licensed you would like to use and would like some help, email me from my profile page. I'd love to help, and I promise I won't charge you. :)
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