Monday, May 11, 2009

Where can I find a good set of printable tarot cards?

*and they have to be for free*

There was this one site I found where a girl said she couldn't find any good printable ones so she made her own. Don't give me the link to that site, I've already checked... (btw, it's the first site that comes up when you google 'printable tarot')

thanks ♪

Where can I find a good set of printable tarot cards?
Yes, best buy a deck. Try eBay.

The many different tarot decks available will all portray symbolic imagery which must then pass through your psychic senses and, given the context of the questions asked, bring forth a tarot card meaning that significantly answers your question.

I am a professional psychic and always have at least 4 different decks on the go at any one time. When a deck get’s a bit too well worn I buy a new deck (often from eBay). I prefer to work with as new a deck of cards as possible so they shuffle and deal smoothly and quickly. I usually sell my old decks on eBay too. Here’s a live RSS feed for Tarot Decks on eBay at the moment.

Here’s the how-to of reading tarot cards with your psychic perception in six simple steps.
Reply:printable tarot cards are probably hard to come by, its like printing out tattoos the sites usually mark the images with something that detracts from the image like the company's name shaded lightly through the picture.... youd probably be better off just ordering them there are many sites such as that offer decks at reasonable prices, plus if you did print out the cards you wouldnt have a book to help you learn to interpret the cards... so yeah probably best to buy a set. or better yet have someone buy them for you it is said its best to have them given as a gift ;)
Reply:I have to agree with pocket full o posies. If you are serious about divination, you should purchase tarot cards and attune them to you. I have never even heard of a diviner attuning a lot of copied pages (though it might be possible, there is a lot about the universe we don't know). Get one as a gift, they are much better. I have a set of Celtic cards that were a gift to me years ago that I have VERY accurate readings with. If you would like a set as a gift, get ahold of me. I might be able to help. Anything to keep an artform like that alive.

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