Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BRITISH National Registration Identity Cards Questions?


during WW2 the british carried around with them National Registration Identity Cards.

Does anyone know where I can find full size pictures of these - both inside and out?

Also the same question for British WW2 Ration books?

does anyone know the name of the crest on the front? of the ID Cards, or if it has one??

Im also after printable WW2 British currency.

thanks for your help

BRITISH National Registration Identity Cards Questions?
You can buy facsimiles of both from http://www.iwm.org.uk/server/show/ConWeb...



very cheaply

This page says it has thumbnails of both which can be enlarged, but 'I can't open the page, getting a message that I have been 'timed out'


The crest on the front of the Identity Card was the usual UK coat of Arms. Cannot make out what that on the front of the ration books was - possibly the coat of arms used by the Ministry of Food.

This site has thumbnails of 10/- (50p) and £1 notes which can be enlarged - I'll leave you to decide whether they are worth printing:-


Later:- since writing the above, I have been doing a search on an unconnected matter and found this site:-


which has full size photographs of the interior and exterior of an identity card and details of ration books.
Reply:You will find a copy on the following site.


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