Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spanish HELP!!?

I am going to be taking a Spanish test this monday and I need to study. It is my placement test for next year. Are there any sites that have printable flash cards or anything that would help me. I also need to find a list of a lot of Spanish verbs with translation. Also I need prepositions I am horrible at them. thanks

Spanish HELP!!?
ans to you r Q

Are there any sites that have printable flash cards or anything that would help me


you can download language learning softwares from here

you can select the language and download a trail version software from the net and start practicing the spanish language, they will send you updates of wordlist to your mail id from that you can down load extra words from the net for free.

for full version you have to pay the desired amount. i guiess it is 90 euros.

All the best
Reply:i don't know of a site with flashcards but a translation site is

some simple verbs are:

comer - to eat

beber - to drink

mirar - to watch

correr - to run

descansar - to relax

dibujar - to draw

escribir - to write

leer - to read

ver - to see

dar - to give

hacer - to do / to make

poner - to put on / to make

salir - to leave

llegar - to arrive

llevar - to wear

llorar - to cry

nevar - to snow

cantar - to sing

escuchar - to listen

prestar atencion - to pay attention

entender - to understand

ensenar - to teach

aprender - to learn

enamorarse - to fall in love

querer - to want

preferir - to prefer

permitir - to permit

duchar - to shower

lavar - to wash

sentir - to feel

sentar - to sit
Reply:go to google, type in spanish translations. there is a website where you can type in 1000 words of spanish or english nad get them translated. Also, email me if you need help. Hablo espanol muy bien.
Reply:Please buy a Spanish-English dictionary. It might help you. If not, ask a saleslady in a bookstore if they have on sale Spanish booklets on verbs and their English translations.
Reply:I don't know about flashcards, but there are quite a few sites with vocab and tutorials. Here's some that I know of: --has a lot of vocab grouped by topic

There's another site called Quia we used this in my spanish 2001 class but you need the book and a (purchased) passcode for the excercises.

One thing I recomend is trying to translate things for yourself also-to practice. Get a movie you watch a lot and get the subtitles in spanish, to help you learn and get used to hearing it.

Try reading children's books in spanish where the vocab's not too hard, but you can pick up on what's going on based on context.

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