Thursday, May 20, 2010

What are some cute ways to say IM PREGNANT to the father to be?

I was thinking about printing a greeting card that says "you are going to be a dad" but i could not find any that were printable. If you know of a place please list its web address. Or just list other cute ways of saying IM PREGNANT. I will vote the best answer as the one I actually do.

What are some cute ways to say IM PREGNANT to the father to be?
I love it!

I have tons of ideas.

1) order a small cake and you can have them draw a ept test w/ two lines...and then congradulations daddy. Some thing cute like that.

2) Go to Seas Portrait Studio Or any studio that does same day printing. Take a nice picture with her hands on your belly they will know how to pose you for a pregnancy picture. Then they will write text. .CONGRADULATIONS OR WHAT EVER YOU WANT. frame it and wrap it up

3) Wrap a newborn shirt...i love my daddy

4) have a special dinner and with desert bring out what ever it is and a bottle that says congradulations

5) fortune cookies you can make at home and add your own message. your going to be a daddy

6) play a game! with him. give him a few hints..9 months

boy or girl father mother...let him add it up

7) wrap the etp box and give it to him with pink and blue ribbon around it.

Congradulations that is great! I am very happy for you and your new family. Best of luck!
Reply:i bought my husband a number one dad charm to give him when we finally get pregnant
Reply:Wrap up a pair of baby booties in a pretty box and give it to him. Don't say anything... just smile. Then watch the confused look on his face go through four phases..

1) confusion 2) understanding 2) Joy 3) Terror!

I did something similar - I just wrapped up the postitive pregancy test.
Reply:* How about getting a t-shirt printed best dad and mix it in with his regular tshirts for him to come across it "accidently" and wait and see his reaction.

* Here is another you can get this done as a nightshirt it is really cute

* Or while in the mall tell him we should go look at cribs or something related.

* Write it on his favorite dessert.. congrats daddy
Reply:I don't have any children myself yet, But if I had to tell the daddy to be what is going on, I would have to say. If you know how to make a quilt start making a co-gender quilt and show him in the stiching that he is going to become a daddy. Of course make a baby quilt for the new arrival. Make arts and crafty stuff. Congratulations on the new bundle of joy.That is what I would do.
Reply:Go get a baby gift and wrap it for him , give it to him and let him unwrap it , when he does , if will know you are pregnant . Like a baby rattle .
Reply:I found out I was pregnant eight days before my birthday and 17 days before his so I just called him up and said Happy Early Birthday!! and he was like what? I said I am pregnant. He was excited!! It is probably not his birthday but that is what I did. Congratulations!! Wish you the best of luck!!

You could get him a shirt that says, The Greatest Dad or Best Dad and wrap it up and have him open it. My friend did that and also did that for her parents and gave them #1 Grandma and #1 Grandpa shirts and had them open them.
Reply:Here is the website:
Reply:have you ever seen the full house when Rebbecca tells Jessie she is pregnant... she prepares all food that has the word baby in it like baby corn etc... that was really cute. or play charades or something or pictionary that is a cute way
Reply:Maybe you could create one yourself on Microsoft word. You could put a little stork with a baby on the front and then inside you could have say what you want it to say.

Or make a cake with it or even a giant cookie thats says Congrats you are going to be a dad!
Reply:Have a plane fly over your home or work with a banner that says, "I'm having your baby" or something like that!!!
Reply:this is kind of cheesy. ( and no i didnt get it from that gay show full house.) have a dinner with baby corn and baby ribs etc.

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