Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What is the measure of 4x6 in pixels?

What is the measure of 4x6 in pixels?

I need to know to create a printable invitation card, I need the exact measure so the borders of my card won't "cut off".

What is the measure of 4x6 in pixels?
Assuming you need a resolution of 300 dpi (industry standard for most printing), the Pixel dimensions are 1200x1800.

If the resolution is lower, the pixel dimensions will be lower too.

So, first, you need to know the resolution.
Reply:Depends on the DPI (dots per inch).

See here for details: http://qa.techinterviews.com/q/200608041... .
Reply:You can resize your images with the program that came with your computer.

Just save them as a different file name with 46 in it somewhere to keep track of it.

You can save the image exactly 4x6 inches at 300 DPI (for printing). The number of pixels will sort themselves out once you have resized the images. In this case 1200 (4) x 1500 (6) pixels

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