Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Were can i get printable dart score card?

If you are referring to an out chart (to get to a double out in an '01 game), they are available at some stores that sell darts, or you can buy on on-line from a thousand different vendors. Search on "dart out chart." You can buy them, or find someone who has a free one available and print your own. Look at several because there are different strategies on some numbers.

If you are referring to a scoring sheet like they use at tournaments, go to the web and find a site that sells a variety of dart supplies. However, with computers today, it would be just as easy to create your own for merely the cost of paper. You could take it to a local copy place and have it enlarged if that's what you want.

Were can i get printable dart score card?
Reply:I made up my own score cards the way I wanted them, and just made inexpensive copies.
Reply:what do you mean? Scoring aint hard!

Throw dart

Hit 20

Score...... 20!

You dont need a score card!
Reply:Buy a mountable chalkboard.
Reply:Are you talking about an out chart?
Reply:not really sure what your question is about but we use chalk boards or erasable marker boards ..

Unless your looking for a ''cheat sheet''

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